Naughty Manila. Your Sexy Dreams Come True.

To Book or Schedule an appointment, please have the following information ready:

  1. Hotel name and room number (NO MOTELS policy. Motel bookings will be politely declined.)
  2. Your full name registered to the room
  3. Name of escort/model you would want to see and indicate time and date of appointment

Our Fees

Our fees are non-negotiable. Please respect our rates. The rates we charge are accordingly adjusted to the quality of the model you choose. Our rates reflect the extremely high quality of service we provide. we prefer quality over quantity engagements, and our rates allow us to be selective regarding exclusive appointments. If you are not comfortable with the rates, we appreciate your interest but advise you to look elsewhere for a companion.

The escort shall be paid upon arrival. Money should never be discussed after the “Donation” for her time and companionship. Tips are not required, however, but if you are so inclined, you may provide a gratuity.

Proper Etiquette

We ask all new clients/ ALL clients to be neatly groomed; showered, and respectful, nice, polite, fun to be with; hence you will be rewarded with the same from your beautiful companion. No one wants to get close to someone whose hygiene is not up to the occasion.