FAQs & Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this list after careful consideration of the most asked questions that our customers put to us. The purpose of the page is to give you the information that you need in order to make an informed decision on whether you choose to make a booking with us here at Naughty Manila. 

Q:  What is your method payment for companion service?

A: We accept only cash transaction either in local or foreign currency in Philippine Peso, USD, EUR and SGD. Just convert the rates by the going currency exchange rate at the time.

Q:  Are the girls in the photos real escorts?

 A : Yes, ABSOLUTELY.  We do not publish fake photos, it is not in our interest to do that. Some other escort sites may look good by filling their galleries with model pictures stolen from other websites, but although it looks fantastic, it is not real and so not good for business.

 This is the reason why it is important that when you make your selection of escorts that you give us a choice of the 2 best escorts that you would like to book. We can then check which of those are available and return to you with a confirmation of the booking with the escort of your choice.

Q:  Why are the photos of VIP NaughtyGirls blurred?

 A : The reason is quite simple. It’s not because they’re shy, or because there’s something they want to hide; it’s to protect their identity. 

Obscuring the facial features in their photographs is a choice several of our VIP companions had to make once they entered the world of escorting & online advertisement.

Many of our clients will be able to relate to this, because they too wish to keep their relations private and discreet. You may not want your colleagues, friends or family to know that you’re seeing an escort girl, and it works both ways - some of our VIP Naughty Girls prefer to keep their work and social lives separate, and would rather not broadcast the fact that they are into escorting.

You see,  some of our VIP are either students, or have full-time commitments in a chosen career. 

While we encourage all our ladies to invest in good photography, wardrobe, skincare and makeup while partnering with us, we also understand that there may come a day when they decide that escorting is no longer for them. By keeping their online identity discreet, it will be easy to rebrand themselves according to their next career goal.

We respect our partners’ privacy and will only show their full faces upon request of VERIFIED clients. You can request access to our Members only album once VERIFIED by providing your hotel reservation voucher or by giving your check in details.

Q: Can I see pictures with faces of your high class escorts?

A: We have a Members Area available with unblurred photos of our VIP models. However, access to this area is highly selective. Only repeat clientele is offered access without any questions asked. 

Other then that, you’ll have to apply. It’s an extra service that we happily offer to our repeat clientele and is not available to just anybody. When you are able to meet our criteria and are genuinely interested in placing a booking, we are usually able to work something out.

 Q : Can I have the email and contact number of the escorts BEFORE the appointment?

A : We have a confidentiality agreement with all our escorts. We never pass on the personal contact information for our escorts unless there is a good reason to do so and they have given their permission for us to do so. 

Q:  Can I have the email and contact number of the escort AFTER the appointment?

A: No! It is extremely rude and disrespectful to both us and the escort to ask for her private details, or offer yours. 

Our escorts know that when a client asks them for their private number/email he is doing so because he wants more contact, for less money. We have explained it to our escorts… as well as the concequences. You are suggesting to your escort she is not worth the fee she is requesting, and you are disrespecting the rules of her “agency”. 

You will put her in an uncomfortable position. We make enormous efforts to offer you the portfolio of escorts that we do. Please respect our rules and those of the escort and don’t offer her your contact details or request hers. 

Both you and the escort will be excluded from our agency, not if… but WHEN we find out.

Q : Can the escort travel with me?

A : Yes of course, the escort can also act as your very own tour guide to. In Philippine our girls will know exactly where all the ideal beaches, good restaurants, and entertainment venues are. She will in addition be able to put together a great list of things to do or see at your request. If you are travelling to other parts of Manila then your escort will be able to accompany you. For international travel this can also be arranged but can take longer as there may be visa issues. 

Q : Can I have a discount?

A : Yes of course you can! There are discounts for all bookings over a week they are very good discounts too. Just get in touch with us and we will give you the discounted rates. For bookings under a week, the rates are fixed and non negotiable so please do not waste your time and ours asking for a discount for under a week. In addition to the discounts that you will get for bookings over a week we also give excellent discounts to repeat customers.

Q: Why are Naughty Manila's rates so high?

A: If all you are looking for is “a quickie”, our rates are much too high. You can get that for less. 

But an ultimate romantic and intimate experience, with an escort who is able to stimulate your mind, body and soul, who is beautiful charming and intelligent… that’s a whole different thing. 

Our rates are a reflection of our excellence, and quality does not come cheap. It is very complicated to set up a fee, which will be acceptable to all parties. We are sure you will agree that the fee is well worth it, after meeting our high class escorts.

Q: Why should I book with NaughtyManila?

A: Because only the best is good enough for you. Our escort services are intended for clientele to whom quality is more important than price, and is a necessity rather than a little luxury.

Q: Are there any 'hidden charges' or 'extras' of any sort?

A: The rate you see is the rate you pay, and that is that.

NaughtyManila offers a high-class 'date' experience rather than a series of services. When we are alone you will find that we am more than happy to indulge in a wide variety of divinely naughty activities. 

Q: How will my date be dressed?

A: NaughtyGirls always dress appropriate for the occasion and setting, so please let us know where you are going and if you have any specific preferences as to their appearance. NaugtyGirls' personal style is classic and will never appear indiscreet. When you travel together, she'll plan ahead and bring a varied wardrobe for diverse activities and situations.

Q : How far in advance do I have to book?

A : Advance notice for a booking is always preferred by us. This is so that we can arrange the escort of your choice and also ensure that she will be ready to meet you. Bookings carried out on the same day always carry the risk that your first or even second choice escort will not be available. If you are booking for an overnight stay then we advice that you book before 6pm the same night or preferably the day before. If you are booking for a short time then at least 2 hours notice should be given depending on where you are staying in Manila. If you are booking for a longer period of a few days then we will require at least a days notice. For a smooth booking experience please follow our guidelines on our booking page.


We're so glad you're interested in meeting with one of our upscale companions. Each model's rate is indicated on her profile.